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Amazon Alexa not working properly 1-833-295-o612 Alexa Device not Responding

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I like to enjoy my own company, how many of you are such kinds? Well, even I m one but I have few friends of my own such as the trending Alexa, Siri and so many such gadgets and books too. And really feel lonely without them and with them, I feel my life is awesome. I m recently faced an issue of Alexa not working and I got a good advisor who taught me ways to fix it off. I don’t want you guys to feel depressed because of Amazon Alexa not working thus I have written the blog to let you know of how to deal with this issue.


I like all the Amazon product Amazon Alexa is just one of them I Also like the fire TV of Amazon but even at times it pisses my mind of and Alexa and Fire Tv come together then the issue of  Alexa not working on fire Tv makes me worse and more worried of how to make it alright. But now I know the simple ways to fix the issue of Amazon Alexa not working, I don’t panic about it.

·         May it be Alexa or who so ever but to have a strong network connection is must, so check if the connection is good and a strong one.
·         You will have to make sure that the Amazon echo box and Alexa are connected properly.
·         In case if the Amazon echo box is not being connected to power supply then you have to connect it well and check whether there is a supply of electricity.
·         Download the Alexa app from Play store or from the App store if iOS. Then connect Alexa to the Echo dot and then connect your device with Alexa
·         Next wait for a few seconds you will find Alexa greeting you through the Echo box saying welcome, in case if you can’t hear it out then try in a silent place once.
·         Also, try talking to Alexa and check whether you are able to hear her voice or not.

Once you have done all this surely the issue of not responding would have be vanished even after this it didn’t then you have to contact the Echo Alexa customer service, the team of experts will help you out with this sometimes there may be manufacturing defect if it is a new one brought but still check it out with the customer service of Alexa.

1-833-295-o612 How to connect Brother Printer to Wi-Fi?

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These days various technological equipment is made use of in order to keep the official tasks uninterested. In order to manage an excellent printing various printer are there that can solve this enigma of providing excellent quality. Among various other types of printers, brother printers which are founded by Brother International Corporation are extremely popular. These printers are used with a view to provide optimum quality of printing. This is why these printers are in huge demand. But a major issue with these types of printer is that most of the people are unaware of using these printers. In fact, a large majority of people even do not know how to connect Brother printer to Wi-Fi. Are you also falls under this category? If yes, then have a glance below to learn how Brothers printer can be connected to Wi-Fi


There are some key requirements to look before you begin the process of connected Brother printer to Wi-Fi.

·         To begin the process, first of all make sure that wireless router must be setup in advance and it should be in active condition.
·         Secondly before connecting it to Wi-Fi the users should be able to note down the security key along with its network name. The network name in this case is service set ID that is SSID.
·         Now begin the process of setting up printer to Wi-Fi connection. The Brothers printer should be kept near to the router. After it is placed near the router, make sure that installation disk is put into the cabinet.
·         After this step agree to licensing conditions if any and continue to process further.
·         As you proceed further you will see firewall screen. Here at this step make sure that you change the firewall port settings.
·         In the next step, you will be able to view wireless set up device. Just click on it and confirm that you no longer possess any USB cable to proceed further.
·         Once you confirm that you do not have USB cable, you can now connect the printer to Wi-Fi.
·         In the next step you are required to choose the right network to complete the Wi-Fi connection process.
·         Try to install the connection properly. If here at this stage the connection goes OK the printer will continue to work successfully. Otherwise it will continue to show error message.
·         In case, you feel at any stage that these steps are quite difficult and it is difficult to connect Brother printer to Wi-Fi, you can seek a renowned third-party service provider for assistance.


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Brother mfc-l2700dw printer wireless setup

Internet Explorer has stopped working 1-833-295-o612 Internet Explorer (IE) Not Working

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There are many web browsers that are used by the users to perfectly hunt the internet. Some of the notable browsers are Mozilla Firefox, internet explorer, and Netscape navigator etc. Among all these browsers 90% of the people use internet explorer as their default web browser to carry out their internet search operations successfully. In spite, of such love shown by people for their favorite web browser that is internet explorer. Some hassles have been thrown in the path of this most famous internet explorer. It is seen that sometimes internet explorer not working issues are faced by the users from time to time. What steps should be taken to resolve the issues of internet explorer not working in Windows 10? Want to explore these steps, and then have a glance below:


·         Let us see how we can do some quick fixes to resolve the issue of internet explorer not working

·         You Can update you internet explorer to the latest version available in market. There may be an issue with you current version of Internet explorer. So, Let’s try upgrading your browser version to the latest one.
·         We can also clean the temporary files which are used by browser, there can be one of the files which got corrupted and are interrupting browser to stop working. Temporary files can be found at Internet Options -> General Tab -> Browsing History-> Delete-> uncheck “Preserve Favourites temporary data” and then delete the temporary files.
·         One of the quick solutions can be resetting the Internet explorer from control panel. Browse to control panel and retry the explorer.
·         Another quick solution can be killing the internet explorer process from task manager and then starting the internet explorer again.


So, these are some of the steps that can effectively tackle the situation of internet explorer not working in laptop or internet explorer not working in Windows 10

In case of any issues in the above-mentioned steps you can take the support of third-party service provider. So that any hurdles in regard of internet explorer not working in laptop or Windows 10 can be sorted out, some effective solutions can be gained in this regard by contacting the intelligent techies.


·         The first step you can take in this regard is to check your internet connection.
·         If internet is working well, after that you can clear cookies and caches to make internet explorer work well.
·         In the next step, if still the problem persists, you can try to disable unnecessary add on extensions so that you can take a reliable move in this regard.
·         If still the issue persists, you can also take a step to uninstall and after that reinstall internet explorer.

If still the problem occurs then make sure to take third-party assistance to make sure Internet Explorer not working in Windows 7.

1-833-295-o612 How to Recover Gmail Password without Any Information?

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It’s very rare when we save or keep any record of our Gmail password. And we lose it after some time while formatting our system. Keeping a record is always a good thing and even you don’t have a record, there are some factors which can help you to get your password back. 

But if you don’t have these factors like phone number or alternative email id then it becomes quite difficult for us to recover our password. Still it’s not that difficult, you can follow certain steps to know “how to recover Gmail password without any information”.

·         First go to browser and go to the Gmail log in page. And enter your mail id.
·         After entering your mail id click on to the button “forgot your password” and wait until the next page is about to appear.
·         When the next page appears it shows some questions like “do you remember the password that you’ve used before?” click “I don’t know” and there will be a next page appearing on your screen where it will ask you to verify your account using phone number by SMS or phone call. You will have to skip this step.
·         The next it will ask you recovery mail which you have given at the time of creating your Gmail account.
·         A verification code will be sent in that mail id to verify your account. Enter the code in the given field and click on next.
·         It will direct you to a new page where you can re-enter your new password and confirm it.

These were the ways where you can recover your account without phone number.

1-833-295-o612 How to Recover Yahoo Password without Any Information?

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Yahoo is the best way to do your confidential tasks. This is a better way to communicate with your important contacts. People are using it to meet daily routine work, but sometimes people are not able to deal with serious issues, like if they have a query how to recover Yahoo password without any information? To get help at such times, there is a need to reach the support team. In order to contact the technical specialists, you should dial the Google technical support number.


·         There are many issues decided by technical experts. One person can see a resolution in one:
·         To solve this problem, you need at least one information. After that, you can reset your password. Here are the steps:
·         Going to the sign-in helper is essential.
·         Tap the option of “Continue”
·         When you are asked, enter the captcha code.
·         After receiving the text message on the listed number, tap the option to “Yes, let me text the account key”.
·         When you have access to the listed email address, select “Yes, send me an account key”·
·         It depends on the option you choose, Yahoo will provide an account key on your phone or email.
·         The person should now provide an account key that Yahoo has sent in the given area, select the option of “Verify”.
·         You must select an account to reset from the list associated with your mobile number or email address.
·         You can recover your password by clicking on continue.

Those who do not support the above steps are required to join the support team immediately. To contact a team of experts, you need to dial Yahoo Password Record Experts. After dialing it, you will stay connected to the technicians. The person will be charged a certain amount of fee; it will be very few to pay by someone. When you are not satisfied you will have to pay any fee.

Google Contact Sync Not Working 1-833-295-o612 Google Contacts not Syncing

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Google account is one of the most effective requirements of every user these days. In fact, with the advancement of technology, use of Google account is not restricted to a single platform. It is easily used on different operating systems, like android and IOS. Nowadays users love to use their Google account on iPhone as well. But sometimes there are certain hurdles that are faced by different iPhone users. For example this happens sometimes that Google contacts are not getting synchronized with iPhone. What to do when Google contacts not Syncing, how to solve this issue. Have a glance at the following steps to root out these issues as quickly as possible.


·         The very basic step that you are expected to take is to check your internet or Wi-Fi connection. If everything seems well to you, then you can proceed ahead with a couple of other steps.
·         If you want to solve the troubling issue of Google contacts are not syncing with iPhone then you must ensure that IMAP settings are enabled in your iPhone. Because in the absence of your I-MAP settings it will not be possible for you to synchronize Gmail contacts with iPhone.
·         The next fix of this issue can be you can choose to contain Gmail browser as your default browser in your iPhone also. To perform this step, first of all go to the settings option and after that proceed further to the contacts section. After that you will see an option of default account, now click on it and set Google account as your default browser.
·         If you have recently added your Google account on your iPhone then this may be the case that you have not paid heed to enable Google contact syncing option. So, if contact syncing option is still disabled you can enable it quickly so that the entire puzzling situation is solved out.
·         This problem can also be seen sometimes on android phone. If you are facing the issue of Google contacts not Syncing on android, then you can also take a few steps on your android phone also to sort out this issue.


If even after following these steps you are not able to sort out the issues related to Google contacts not Syncing with iPhone then you should not get disappointed. As you have some alternate options also in this regard. The very first option you can take is to contact Apple customer support. If you are short of time then you can opt for other options as to take assistance from renowned third party service providers.

ATT Password Reset 1-833-295-o612 ATT Password Recovery Phone Number

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ATT email is one of the popular webmail in USA and millions of active users use it every day. At the point when there are innumerable clients of this email over the world, it is common that some of them will stay with email tangles. 

The very common problem is password forgot! And when the user doesn’t remember the email password then they can’t have access on their email account. Here AT T email user needs to reset AT&T email password to get access on their email address. ATT Password Reset process is given below.

• Go to the password reset page of AT&T webmail
• Enter the username and full name in the boxes
• Then enter old email password and click to continue
• Create new password & confirm it
• Try to sign in the AT&T email account


If you are a user of AT&T webmail and forgot your email password, then with the help of AT T password reset steps, you can reset it easily. Follow the instructions step by step to save your time.

1. Go to AT&T password reset page and enter username & full name.
2. From the drop-down menu select the security questions and answer them.
3. Click to continue and follow the instructions.
4. Create a new strong password for AT&T mail.


Step 1. You should visit the official site of ATT email.
Step 2. Then you should sign in at My AT&T page.
Step 3. Select forgot password page.
Step 4. Now you will have to enter the full email address of ATT and your last name.
Step 5. Then click on the button “Continue.”
Step 6. Now a new window will open and you will be asked to choose recovery option.
Step 7. From the drop-down menu of this window select “Security Question.”
Step 8. Answer all security questions that you had set at the time of creating the account.
Step 9. Now you will have to click on “Continue.”
Step 10. Create a new strong password for your AT&T email and confirm it.
Step 11. After confirmation, you will have to click on “OK.”