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Paypal Password Reset

Due to impact of new technological advancements the mode of monetary transactions has become quite convenient and secure. Nowadays people are not required to physically go to banks to transfer funds or to receive funds. To transfer money across the globe has become quite convenient through online money transfer gateway. Paypal is one such international gateway of payment which is quite secure and reliable. So, it is now quite easy to receive money whenever you are in need of money and vice versa. This is the most trusted platform to ensure secured money transactions. Have you ever thought what will you do in case you forget your Paypal account password? Will all your monetary transaction come to an end? No, not at all as you can easily reset your password. Are you thinking about how to do paypal password reset?  You just need to follow a few steps to reset your Paypal account password.

Steps to Reset Your Paypal Account Password:

There are two ways to reset your paypal account password by making use of email id or phone number. Have a look at below-mentioned steps to do it.

First of all, go to paypal account login page and enter your username or email address of the paypal account and click next.
Now you have two options in front of you. It will ask you to either select the option of receiving an email or let us call you. This is done in order to confirm your identity as an account holder.
Now you will receive a code either on your alternate email id or phone number according to your selected preference. You can enter this code to confirm your identity.
After your security check, you will be given an option to reset your password and update it.
In case you opt for let us call you then you will receive a code on your phone number. You can make this code to confirm your identity.
Now click next and reset your password.
By using this you have reset your password of Paypal account very easily.
Steps to verify Paypal account:
If you desire to keep your Paypal transactions safe and secure then it is important to verify your Paypal account. For doing this you have to use the following steps:

First of all login your Paypal account and then go to account summary.

Now go to more about account section tab and see how much amount you can send. Always remember that verified Paypal account users have fewer restrictions on their monetary transactions cap.

There are three ways which you can conveniently use to verify your Paypal account. First is to link your bank account with Paypal. Second is to verify your credit or debit card information and the third one are to mention your social security number.

Once you complete all these steps you become a verified user of the payment Gateway system.

If you still have any doubt about how to verify Paypal account then you can take the assistance of any reliable third-party support agency in this regard.

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