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When you face issues in logging into your Pinterest Account, one of the key reasons may be you might have forgotten your password and you can go for Pinterest Password Reset by following the steps given below:

1. Go to the URL
2. You will be asked to enter your email address or Name or Username
3. Choose the one account which belongs to you.
4. Select the email address linked with your account
5. You will receive an email with the Password reset link
6. Open the email and Click on the link for the password reset.
7. Enter the new password and re-enter the new password again.
8. You will not be allowed to set recently used passwords
9. You need to login again into all the devices through which you use Pinterest.


When Pinterest is not working, first of all please check the two things given below:

1. You are usingone of the recommended browsers – Chrome, Firefox & Safari.
2. You are not the browsing in a private or Incognito Mode
3. Check whether your Internet Connection is stable and active
4. Try logging out and Logging in.
Even after checking the above basic tips, if your Pinterest not Working, the follow the following tips:
1. Uninstall your extension and Install the Extension again in the Browser button page.
2. Remove the temporary files by clearing the cache and cookies as sometimes it may cause issues
3. Check whether JavaScript is enabled.
4. Check whether your browser is up to date.
5. Disable all the extensions and enable one by one to check whether any extension is cause for -Pinterest not working.
6. Blocking of ads [Ad-Blocker], Pop-up blockers, Anti-Tracking and Virus-Scanning extensions can interfere while loading certain elements on the page and work poorly with Pinterest.

After trying all the tips above, there are chances your device may have issues and so reboot your device If you have any issues with your device, then fix the device and try signing into your Pinterest again.

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