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There are multiple reasons to want to change your Yahoo Mail password, but the most common is if you suspect that your password has been compromised and that someone else has access to your Yahoo Mail account.

However, maybe it's just too hard to remember and you're constantly checking your password manager for it. Another common reason for changing a Yahoo password is if it's not secure enough. Or maybe you're here because you just hate typing the same password over and over!

Regardless of your reason for wanting to update your Yahoo Mail password, it's a good idea to do it. Changing your password periodically will make it much harder for someone to access your account because the same password isn't used for an extended period of time.

How to Change Your Yahoo Mail Password?

The absolute quickest way to change your Yahoo Mail password is to open this link, log in if you're asked to, and then type skip down to Step 5 below.

However, if you'd rather use the menus, do this:

·         Open Yahoo Mail and login if asked.

·         If you're using the newest Yahoo Mail, click your name at top of the page and go to Account Info. For Yahoo Mail Basic users, use the menu next to your name at the top of the page to choose Account Info, and then select go.

·         On the left side of the Personal info page you're on now, go to Account security.

·         Choose the Change password link to the right, in the How you sign in section.

·         Type a new, secure password in the text boxes. You need to do it twice to confirm that you've typed it correctly. Click Show password if you want to double-check that it's the right password you want to use.

·         Select the Continue button.

·         If you see a page talking about a recovery email and phone number, you can fill that out or skip it for now with I'll secure my account later link at the bottom.

You should now be returned to the Account security page. Click Mail at the top right corner of that page to return to your emails.

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