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I have faced the problem of forgetting my email and phone number I gave. And the thing is that I didn’t know how to recover my password without the phone number. Once I forgot my outlook password I was fed up with it as I no more had the number which I gave in account. So I was too confused like how to recover outlook password without phone number. I had to make multiple tries to find out how to recover outlook password.

I was not able to get a clear idea about what to be done to recover account password. Then I found it through a few of my friends which have craved way for me to help you out to recover outlook password. Sometimes you will not be able to log in even. If you remember the password that may be because your account might have been hacked so you can follow a few of the steps below.


• Once you get to the sign in page of Outlook, you will find a link below asking you “can’t sign in?”
• Click over the link and then you will find options like the one below-
* forgot my password
* I know my password, but can’t sign in
* I think someone else is using my Microsoft account.
• You can select accordingly but whatever you select you will find the same options further by giving next.
• You will find that there will be a box asking you for the phone number or email you have used in Microsoft outlook for verification below it you will find another option asking you if you have access to none of them in which you can click and go to the next page.
• There you will be asked all the details about you like D.O.B, Name, Marital status etc., after which you will be asked for the email in which the verification mail can be sent.
• Once you get to it , you can fill the email you are using currently and then you can click over the link in the mail or use the code to change the password and log it out for other devices if logged in.
This is the way through which you can recover your outlook password without a phone number.


·         Go to official outlook account password recovery page.
·         After that insert your email Id and click on forgot password link.
·         Now, you can try to enter the last password of your Microsoft Outlook account.
·         If it does not work then proceed further and try to answer some of the security questions to the best of your knowledge.
·         If it also does not work then don’t worry as you can also submit recovery email Id as you don’t have access to phone number.
·         As soon as you submit recovery email Id, you will receive a code on it.
·         Click on this link and enter a new password.
·         Reenter a password to confirm it.
Congratulations, as now you are successful in the efforts of how to reset Outlook password without phone number.

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