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You can access to millions of songs using digital music service of Spotify. You can explore many songs from Spotify database. You can search using Spotify keywords and voice commands. But many times, you face the issues like “Spotify search not working”. Here we are going to discuss about Spotify search and issues related to it.

How you can search on Spotify using keyword search

·         Go to the search button from your Spotify web player.
·         You can search for various songs, artists, videos, podcasts, genres etc.
·         You may also search for Spotify users. for the users without any display name, look for “Spotify: user” followed by their Spotify username without gap.
·         You can also use AND, OR or NOT to filter the results.
·         Search on Spotify using voice command
·         The voice search is available on iOS device.
·         Tap on Search button from the bottom and click on the audio button from the right.
·         Microphone icons will pop-up.
·         Hit on the icon. It will get an interface saying “Spotify would like to access the Microphone”.
·         Hit OK.
·         You will get some voice command recommendation listed for reference.
·         Say them first or directly command what you are looking for.

How to fix Spotify search not working?

If your Spotify search is not working, use the following fix.

Steps for Mac users:

·         Remove Spotify from the applications folder.
·         Now press CMD and Space to open the spotlight.
·         Type ~/Library/
·         Click into Application Support.
·         Look for Spotify in the Folder and delete it.
·         Re-install Spotify from the app store.
·         Steps for Windows users
·         Close Spotify from your system and uninstall Spotify app.
·         Now go to “C Disk”>”Users”>”AppData”.
·         Delete any folder associated with Spotify from “Local” folder and “Roaming” folder.
·         Restart your computer after deleting all the folders.
·         From the app-store, reinstall Spotify.

If the above fix doesn’t work out for you, try to restart the app. When you restart the app, you are able to search for the first few attempts but will stop working after sometime. Uninstall and reinstall the app and check again if you can search on Spotify or not. You can also try to load old version.

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