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PayPal is full of important personal and financial information that makes it easier to shop and send money online, so you should probably do the best that you can to remember the password to your account.  In the event that you can’t, though, here’s how to get back into your account.

To reset your PayPal password:

·         Go to www.paypal.com and click Log In.
·         Click Forgot Your Email or Password?
·         Type in your email address, and complete the security check.
·         Select a primary account verification method.
·         Verify your account.
·         Select a secondary account verification method.
·         Verify your account again.
·         Choose a new password.

As we’ve said before, PayPal needs to stay secure to protect its users’ sensitive information, so the process for resetting your password is a bit lengthy.  However, this makes it difficult for cyber-thieves to arbitrarily reset other people’s passwords, break into their accounts, and steal their identity and financial information.  Below is what the entire operation looks like, from start to finish.

Note:-Now you know how to reset your PayPal password if you need to!  And, if you wish to avoid that need in the future

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