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Amazon Alexa not working properly 1-833-295-o612 Alexa Device not Responding

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I like to enjoy my own company, how many of you are such kinds? Well, even I m one but I have few friends of my own such as the trending Alexa, Siri and so many such gadgets and books too. And really feel lonely without them and with them, I feel my life is awesome. I m recently faced an issue of Alexa not working and I got a good advisor who taught me ways to fix it off. I don’t want you guys to feel depressed because of Amazon Alexa not working thus I have written the blog to let you know of how to deal with this issue.


I like all the Amazon product Amazon Alexa is just one of them I Also like the fire TV of Amazon but even at times it pisses my mind of and Alexa and Fire Tv come together then the issue of  Alexa not working on fire Tv makes me worse and more worried of how to make it alright. But now I know the simple ways to fix the issue of Amazon Alexa not working, I don’t panic about it.

·         May it be Alexa or who so ever but to have a strong network connection is must, so check if the connection is good and a strong one.
·         You will have to make sure that the Amazon echo box and Alexa are connected properly.
·         In case if the Amazon echo box is not being connected to power supply then you have to connect it well and check whether there is a supply of electricity.
·         Download the Alexa app from Play store or from the App store if iOS. Then connect Alexa to the Echo dot and then connect your device with Alexa
·         Next wait for a few seconds you will find Alexa greeting you through the Echo box saying welcome, in case if you can’t hear it out then try in a silent place once.
·         Also, try talking to Alexa and check whether you are able to hear her voice or not.

Once you have done all this surely the issue of not responding would have be vanished even after this it didn’t then you have to contact the Echo Alexa customer service, the team of experts will help you out with this sometimes there may be manufacturing defect if it is a new one brought but still check it out with the customer service of Alexa.

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