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It’s very rare when we save or keep any record of our Gmail password. And we lose it after some time while formatting our system. Keeping a record is always a good thing and even you don’t have a record, there are some factors which can help you to get your password back. 

But if you don’t have these factors like phone number or alternative email id then it becomes quite difficult for us to recover our password. Still it’s not that difficult, you can follow certain steps to know “how to recover Gmail password without any information”.

·         First go to browser and go to the Gmail log in page. And enter your mail id.
·         After entering your mail id click on to the button “forgot your password” and wait until the next page is about to appear.
·         When the next page appears it shows some questions like “do you remember the password that you’ve used before?” click “I don’t know” and there will be a next page appearing on your screen where it will ask you to verify your account using phone number by SMS or phone call. You will have to skip this step.
·         The next it will ask you recovery mail which you have given at the time of creating your Gmail account.
·         A verification code will be sent in that mail id to verify your account. Enter the code in the given field and click on next.
·         It will direct you to a new page where you can re-enter your new password and confirm it.

These were the ways where you can recover your account without phone number.

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