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Google account is one of the most effective requirements of every user these days. In fact, with the advancement of technology, use of Google account is not restricted to a single platform. It is easily used on different operating systems, like android and IOS. Nowadays users love to use their Google account on iPhone as well. But sometimes there are certain hurdles that are faced by different iPhone users. For example this happens sometimes that Google contacts are not getting synchronized with iPhone. What to do when Google contacts not Syncing, how to solve this issue. Have a glance at the following steps to root out these issues as quickly as possible.


·         The very basic step that you are expected to take is to check your internet or Wi-Fi connection. If everything seems well to you, then you can proceed ahead with a couple of other steps.
·         If you want to solve the troubling issue of Google contacts are not syncing with iPhone then you must ensure that IMAP settings are enabled in your iPhone. Because in the absence of your I-MAP settings it will not be possible for you to synchronize Gmail contacts with iPhone.
·         The next fix of this issue can be you can choose to contain Gmail browser as your default browser in your iPhone also. To perform this step, first of all go to the settings option and after that proceed further to the contacts section. After that you will see an option of default account, now click on it and set Google account as your default browser.
·         If you have recently added your Google account on your iPhone then this may be the case that you have not paid heed to enable Google contact syncing option. So, if contact syncing option is still disabled you can enable it quickly so that the entire puzzling situation is solved out.
·         This problem can also be seen sometimes on android phone. If you are facing the issue of Google contacts not Syncing on android, then you can also take a few steps on your android phone also to sort out this issue.


If even after following these steps you are not able to sort out the issues related to Google contacts not Syncing with iPhone then you should not get disappointed. As you have some alternate options also in this regard. The very first option you can take is to contact Apple customer support. If you are short of time then you can opt for other options as to take assistance from renowned third party service providers.

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