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These days various technological equipment is made use of in order to keep the official tasks uninterested. In order to manage an excellent printing various printer are there that can solve this enigma of providing excellent quality. Among various other types of printers, brother printers which are founded by Brother International Corporation are extremely popular. These printers are used with a view to provide optimum quality of printing. This is why these printers are in huge demand. But a major issue with these types of printer is that most of the people are unaware of using these printers. In fact, a large majority of people even do not know how to connect Brother printer to Wi-Fi. Are you also falls under this category? If yes, then have a glance below to learn how Brothers printer can be connected to Wi-Fi


There are some key requirements to look before you begin the process of connected Brother printer to Wi-Fi.

·         To begin the process, first of all make sure that wireless router must be setup in advance and it should be in active condition.
·         Secondly before connecting it to Wi-Fi the users should be able to note down the security key along with its network name. The network name in this case is service set ID that is SSID.
·         Now begin the process of setting up printer to Wi-Fi connection. The Brothers printer should be kept near to the router. After it is placed near the router, make sure that installation disk is put into the cabinet.
·         After this step agree to licensing conditions if any and continue to process further.
·         As you proceed further you will see firewall screen. Here at this step make sure that you change the firewall port settings.
·         In the next step, you will be able to view wireless set up device. Just click on it and confirm that you no longer possess any USB cable to proceed further.
·         Once you confirm that you do not have USB cable, you can now connect the printer to Wi-Fi.
·         In the next step you are required to choose the right network to complete the Wi-Fi connection process.
·         Try to install the connection properly. If here at this stage the connection goes OK the printer will continue to work successfully. Otherwise it will continue to show error message.
·         In case, you feel at any stage that these steps are quite difficult and it is difficult to connect Brother printer to Wi-Fi, you can seek a renowned third-party service provider for assistance.


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