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In today’s life everyone is busy in his or her own pursuits. The trend of multitasking is increasing day by day. People are managing their business, personal lives simultaneously. To manage the things properly several services are used by people from time to time. Microsoft Outlook which is an essential part of Microsoft office suite is also getting popular among people as a personal information manager. It can manage your email contacts, organize your email, let you search calendar. 

In other words it brings your account information easily and manages all complications in just a matter of few seconds. This is the reason Outlook is admired by most of the people. Envision a situation you are very fond of using Outlook but recently as you have changed your company and you are required to use yahoo. Don’t worry as you have the facility to configure yahoo mail in Outlook. Now, thinking of how to configureYahoo mail in Outlook? Want to know the steps then scroll below to learn the steps regarding it.


·         First of all, open Outlook 2010 and go to file tab.
·         Now, in the next step Go to account settings, you will see multiple tabs and then click on New under Email tab.
·         After clicking on New, your window will suggest three options in the form of radio buttons, you can select manually configure server settings or additional server types and click on Next.
·         After clicking on Next Button, next step is to choose the service. You can select Internet-email among the options and click on Next Button.
·         You will be redirected to a window stating Internet E-mail Settings. Now provide all the required information like user information, server information and Logon information.
·         The same Page you can see a More Settings button, click on that to provide some additional information.
·         To configure the Outgoing server authentication you need to select my outgoing server requires authentication under the tab Outgoing Server. Also, you can choose the outgoing server details among same as incoming server or you can provide explicit details.
·         Click on Ok and move to advanced tab.
·         On Advanced tab verify the incoming and outgoing server details.
·         Now you are in a position to configure Yahoo mail in Outlook.
·         Click next and you will be redirected to Congratulations Screen and yahoo you are all set to use yahoo e-mail in Microsoft Outlook.

So, these are a few steps which are required to configure yahoo mail in Outlook.

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