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The need, how to recover Hotmail password without Security Question arises when you have forgotten your password and the security questions which you have set.


·         Go to
·         You will be asked to enter your Hotmail Email Address and Click ‘Next’. On clicking the Next, you will be taken to ‘Enter Password’
·         Now Click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link and leads you to the –Hotmail password reset page
·         Enter your Hotmail address and enter the captcha code and then click ‘next’.
·         Now you will be prompted to enter alternate Contact email address or Phone number. If you don’t have alternate email address for recovery, create new one with Hotmail.
·         You will receive an email to your alternate Email Address with a recovery code. Enter the recovery code and click ‘Next’ and you will receive an email from Microsoft with the password reset link.
·         Login into the Alternate email account and open the mail from Microsoft.
·         Click on the Hotmail Password Reset Link and follow the on-screen instructions
·         Your Hotmail Password will be reset.
·         Alternatively, if you have entered the Phone Number, you receive a text or call with the recovery code and you can reset the password straight away.
If you still not able to recover Hotmail password without security questions, then you can submit a recovery request to validate the ownership of your account.
·         Go to
·         Enter the affected Hotmail account, alternate email and the captcha code that you see on the screen.
·         Click on Next
·         You will receive a recovery code and enter the same on the screen
·         Fill out the form and provide as much information as possible. This information are details which you have entered at the time of creating the Hotmail Account.
·         Click on Submit.
·         On verifying your ownership based on the right information which you have entered you will get the password reset link.


Follow the steps and recover your Hotmail account without no more delay. And I have tried it by self so need not to worry about its accuracy.

·         Go to and there enter your email and click on forgot the password
·         Then you will be asked to recover your account using any one option you will find one as secret question answer and another one will be of recovery email id
·         So click on it and then you will receive a code in the specified email which you will have to copy and paste it in the blank asking
·         After that, a page will open which will let you set the new password, enter it twice as asked and then you will find that you will be sent back to the home of the website.
You can use outlook app or you can use the browser to do these steps. In case if you are facing some other issue then contact the Hotmail support and solve it out.

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