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Since PayPal holds all kinds of financial information about yourself, safety is paramount: if someone were to hack your PayPal account, you could potentially end up in serious financial troubles (without even mentioning the possibility of identity theft). For this reason, you should always check your PayPal account from a trusted computer, and nowhere else if at all possible. Another security measure to keep your account safer is to regularly change paypal account password. As you'll see in this tutorial, it is quite easy to do, and will help diminish the likelihood of anything happening.

How do I change my PayPal password? (Your account password on paypal.com)

 Changing your PayPal password will only take a few minutes, as explained below:

·         First, open a new browser window and type "www.paypal.com" inside the address bar; then hit Enter (on Windows 7 / Vista / XP or Linux) or Return (if you are using Mac OS X).
·         Once the PayPal login screen has loaded, sign in to your account as you usually do: enter your email address and your current password, and click on the "Log In" button.
·         If you receive an banner ad in the middle of the process (this happens all too frequently, simply ignore it by clicking on the "Go to my account" button to continue).
·         The next screen will be your PayPal account summary screen, which displays current balance, a welcome greeting that includes your name, etc. Move your mouse pointer (cursor) above the "Profile" link inside the PayPal toolbar.
·         Under the Profile menu, choose "More Options", as shown on the screenshot above.
·         PayPal will now open a page called "Profile Summary" - this aggregates into a convenient location all your personal account settings and options that can be configured.
·         In the following page, leave "Password" checked, and click on the "Edit" button.
·         Since PayPal is one of the most security conscious sites around, they will ask you to first verify some very specific data, like your bank account number. Enter the information requested (you can pick other choices from the dropdown menu to confirm your identity), and click "Submit".
·         Once you have successfully confirmed your identity by checking some data, you will finally be brought to the "Change Password" screen.
·         Then, type the PayPal password you want to change to inside the "New Password" field; to change your password, you will need to re-type the new one for confirmation purposes. Do so inside the "Re-enter new password" text field.
·         To finalize the password change, and apply it immediately, click on the "Save" button.

You have successfully changed your PayPal password! Just remember to start using it instead of the old one right away. Unlike other more mundane online services like Hotmail Sign in, a few wrong passwords entered into the PayPal login screen, and your account will be blocked until you unblock it by phone!

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