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When you go through the Gmail not receiving emails on iPhone, outlook or other applications, It could be due to the invalid server address. You should check the server address properly and try to configure your Google account with the correct server address on application or phone. So these the steps to fix Gmail not receiving emails problem.

Gmail not receiving some emails: How to fix?

Here, in this blog, we would like to discuss a significant problem related to Gmail such as Gmail not receiving some emails. The entire point of using Gmail is to exchange emails without any chaos. If the Gmail is facing severe problem to proceed with its primary work, then, of course, we are supposed to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Check Email Filter Settings-

Whenever you don’t receive the new emails into the inbox, you should check the other folders.

Do you see the new emails there? If your answer is yes.

You should check the email filter settings. Possibly you have created an email filter. That’s why your email is not able to receive into the inbox.

In such a case, you need to delete the email filter on your Gmail using the following tricks.

·         Login to your Gmail account.
·         Click on the Settings icon presneted on the top right side of the google mailbox.
·         Now click on the filter and blocked address settings.
·         If you see any filter running, you need to delete them.

Check Email forwarding settings-

If you don’t receive the emails on any folders of your email, you should check the email forwarding settings. If forwarding is on, this is the reason behind Gmail not receiving emails. In such a case, you need to disable the forwarding.

Then you will start receiving the new emails into your account.

·         Go to the settings on your Gmail.
·         Click on the forwarding and POP/IMAP
·         Do you see any email address in the forwarding section? If yes, you need to press the delete button available next to it.
·         Now send a test email to yourself to see, if you are receiving the emails on your email or not?

Disable the Delete Gmail’s Copy-

Sometimes, the user can’t receive the emails on Gmail due to the delete Gmail’s copy information.

This option is available in the pop server settings when you enable the pop server and enable this option on your Gmail account.

It will forward the copy of your email to the mail client software and delete the original copy from the Gmail.

So you should check that you have not enabled this option by mistake.

·         Go to the settings on your Gmail account.
·         Click on the forwarding and pop/IMAP settings,
·         Now Click on the drop menu, that says delete Gmail’s copy and select Keep Gmail’s copy in the inbox option.
Finally, click on save settings.

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