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If AOL mail still not opening then you should clear your browser’s cache and cookies. In case the problem continues then you should switch to another browser and device. How to check missing emails in AOL Mail? Sometimes your AOL emails go missing due to a variety of reasons.

AOL Mail is a free webmail service offered by AOL which is a division of Verizon Communication. This email service offers some good features such as file attachment limit of 25 MB, spam/ virus protection etc. Even with all the cool features and amazingly clean UI, the AOL is not completely immune to errors. There are a lot of errors that can occur in AOL email service quite frequently. One such error is AOL Mail receiving/Sending error. As the name itself suggests it barred the AOL users from receiving or reading their incoming emails.

This error can be related to the file attached to the email or the email message itself. Here, in this post, we have discussed the different AOL Mail receiving errors along with the most convenient techniques to solve them.

How to Fix AOL Mail Receiving-Sending Error?

We will start from scratch, if you are able to sign-in to AOL mail but not able to receive the new incoming message in your AOL account then you should follow the steps mentioned below:

Firstly, we should wait for a while because there are so many reasons that can delay the new incoming messages. Generally, the delaying reasons are heavy internet traffic, problems on the mail server, routing problems etc.
Check your email filters, make sure you haven’t created any filter that is bypassing your inbox and sending the new incoming messages to trash or any other folder.
Check your spam folder because many a time, the new incoming emails can land in the spam folder as well. If the message is in the spam folder then you can move it to your inbox by following the steps given below:
·         Log in to your AOL email account
·         Click on the spam folder
·         Choose the email message that isn’t spam
·         Click on the “Not spam” button available at the top of the page.

I can’t view images in AOL emails received

Sometimes, you may not face any AOL Mail receiving error but you may find it impossible to see images in your email. In such a situation, you should try the steps mentioned below:

·         Make sure your sender has sent the image in the supported format. In case the image is in an unsupported format such as TIFF then you can’t see it on AOL mail.
·         Wait for a few minutes as the images can be delayed due to server traffic.
·         Sometimes, you can receive images as an attachment rather than an embedded image. If this is the case then you have to download the attachment first and then open the image file.
·         If you are facing problems like AOL Mail attachment not opening or loading then your web setting can be the culprit. You should reset your web setting to fix such problems.
·         If AOL mail still not opening then you should clear your browser’s cache and cookies.
·         In case the problem continues then you should switch to another browser and device.

How to check missing emails in AOL Mail?

Sometimes your AOL emails go missing due to a variety of reasons such as incorrect third-party email client settings etc. Here are the steps you need to follow in such a situation.

·         First of all, you should look for the missing email in all other folders such as spam, trash etc. Make sure that the email is not filtered out due to the filters you have created in your AOL email account.
·         In case you are using AOL email on a third party email client such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Incredimail then you should make sure that you are using the correct settings. Ensure that the program settings are not deleting the incoming emails from the AOL server.
·         If the email is not missing but going to an unexpected folder then it is highly probable that you are using the improper IMAP settings.
·         Incorrect IMAP settings are also responsible for issues such as AOL email not syncing with windows etc.
·         AOL account inactivity can also be the primary reason behind missing AOL emails and AOL mail receiving error. If you haven’t logged in to your AOL account for a while then your account can be in the process of deactivating due to inactivity.
·         Sign-in to your AOL mail account on any other browser and device to check if the problem continues.
·         In case the error persists then you should contact AOL Mail support server to receive further instructions.

Resolves problems in reading & retrieving email

If you are facing problems like AOL email not opening or unable to read email on AOL then you should try the steps mentioned below. Try to open and read AOL email using the AOL Basic Mail. This is the basic layout of AOL email specially designed for a slow internet connection.

In case the issues continue then you should open AOL Mail again after resetting your web settings.

If your browser is set to block the pop-ups then you should stop pop-up blocker for a while. You should do this because some AOL email messages may open using a new pop-up window within the browser.

Although Cookies are stored in your browser to make the website load faster it can also cause a problem in opening new emails. To fix such problems, you should clear your browser’s data such as cookies, cache etc. Doing this will wipe out the unwanted cookies and let you open the email messages.

To keep your PC safe, the windows firewall settings block some email messages as well. In case the Windows firewall settings blocking some important email then you should disable firewall settings temporarily.

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