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Management of data is the most crucial factor of any entity. If one talks about computer, it also requires to manage different folder, sub folders, and files etc. In every operating system of Windows subsequent to Widows 95, file manager is there to accomplish the tasks of managing files and folders. This is the reason why file explorer is also known as Windows explorer. In short, File explorer is a wonderful file management system. But sometimes users are not able to reap its advantages. In some operating systems like Windows 10 & Windows 7, it is seen that file explorer cannot work to its apt capacity. Sometimes it stops responding even. So, let’s see what you should do when File Explorer not responding.


Steps to resolve the issue of File explorer not responding:

In case file explorer stops responding on Windows 7& Windows 10 then the following steps can assist you in this regard:

In case, file explorer is not responding on Windows 10 or 7, a possible solution can be to bring a modification in the display settings. It is recommended that display settings should be modified to 100% or 200%. Once it is done this issue will be sorted out.
It is also seen that this problem occurs due to some antivirus programs. In windows 10 and & 7 the issue of this problem is AVG antivirus program. So, if you have downloaded this antivirus then make it sure to uninstall it.
Another solution of this problem is to make sure to restart the file explorer in task manager. This can also solve this problem. The short cut key of doing it is to press control key, escape key, and shift key together.
One more solution can be to clear cache and try to use file explorer again and see if it is working or not.
So, these are some key steps you should take to resolve file explorer not responding Windows 10.


If even after taking these steps your problem of file explorer is not solved, then it can be a cause of concern for you. But nothing can be changed by only worrying. So, it is the time to take a step in the right direction. You can take the aid from a renowned third-party service provider to resolve the issue of file explorer not responding Windows 7. Your every step in the right direction can make you free of worries.


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